"12 5" China machine tool industry facing Examination - Machine Tools - Machinery Industry
Article by hi joiney
modern the ancestors of the textile machine in 1789 the 21 year old british workers slater posing as farmers to change the name to escape the british authorities to monitor the exit to the united states with his amazing memory and mechanical skills to replicate the british arkwright textile machine which is the world 39 s most advanced s was the british secret is not exported to rich countries as a treasure as to bring the new world s slater is called the father of the manufacturing sector a long time the united states the subsequent technical exporting country it is copied by other countries and technology stealing off patent in other countries until the civil war the united states 80 reliance on machinery and equipment imported from europe the early days of new china china can only produce less than 1 600 s and basic is the belt drive in the soviet union provided the help of drawings and design personnel rapid set up 18 key enterprises machine later called ocean 39 s 18 and seven integrated tools research institute which became the backbone of china 39 s industrialization laid in 1957 china has more than 200 varieties of s annual production of nearly 3 million units since then the battle of high precision s second battle of steam equipment the chinese industry was a sustainable development industry once appeared the blind pursuit of quantity ignoring the quality of irrational period production in 1958 twice in 1957 1957 1960 5 times in addition the re production of light research re host light fittings light weight base model variant the industry has long been difficult to overcome the lesion 1979 years later the introduction digest absorbed into the core of the industry strategy data from 1980 to 1995 china attracted a total of nearly 150 machine tool technology cumulative development cnc varieties 1000 however the 20th century the chinese machine tool in the low 90 39 s wandering quot tragic years quot and cnc in general between the quot technical fault generation quot the chinese machine tool companies experienced the quot fenghuang nie quot baptism chongqing machinery amp electric liao shaohua vice president of memory time china 39 s machine tool equipped with state of the dream quot she was about to burst quot the foreign machine tools accounted for 70 market share domestic machine tool numerical control rate of only 5 the new century china entered the quot heavy chemical quot stage high growth market for the living to the quot flowers in only four to survive quot the quot lohan had quot to stand up and recycling opportunities china 39 s annual output of cnc machine tools in 2000 only 1 4 million units and the mostly low end products in 2008 has been occupied by the end of the market annual output of cnc machine tools 12 2 million units and for our aerospace shipbuilding automotive military can shut key large areas of sector quot machine tools quot

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